Apart from PT KCN, two other companies are threatened with having their licenses revoked due to Coal Dust Pollution in Jakarta

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Jakarta – The Provincial Government or DKI Jakarta Provincial Government may revoke the environmental permits of the two companies operating the Marunda Port, North Jakarta. This has already happened to PT Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN).


Head of the DKI Environmental Agency Asep Kuswanto said the two companies were PT HSD and PT PBI. These two companies have been given administrative sanctions in the form of coercion to improve the environmental impact of the previous loading and unloading activities.


Asep gave a deadline to fulfill the recommendation of the sanction. Later, if the deadline for the sentence is not fulfilled, the environmental permit may be revoked.


“There are two more (companies) besides KCN. Those are in the Marunda area. The two companies are still under sanctions. So, they have not been upgraded like KCN,” Asep told reporters, Thursday (22/6/2022).


However, if HSD and PBI can meet the sanctions given, they may not have their license revoked.


“So, we are still looking at their progress. But we hope that with the imposition of sanctions on KCN, other companies in the Marunda Archipelago Bonded Zone can also improve the quality of management, especially related to the environment,” he concluded.


Previously, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government had decided to revoke the environmental permit of PT Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN). The reason is that the loading and unloading company at Marunda Port, North Jakarta failed to comply with the sanctions imposed because its activities pollute the air through coal dust.


The Head of the DKI Jakarta Environmental Service, Asep Kuswanto said that the administrative sanctions were imposed because KCN did not fulfill the previous administrative sanctions to carry out various recommendations for good environmental management within the stipulated time limit.


The imposition of sanctions is contained in the Decree of the Head of the Environmental Sub-department of the North Jakarta City Administration Number 21 of 2022 concerning the Weighting of the Application of Administrative Sanctions with the revocation of the Decree of the Head of the Environmental Management Office of the City of North Jakarta Administration Number 56 of 2014 dated January 28, 2014 concerning the Environmental Permit for loading and unloading activities by PT. Archipelago Citra Works. This decree was signed on 17 June 2022.


Asep explained that the main substance of the decision was to revoke the Decree of the Head of the Environmental Management Office of the North Jakarta Administration Number 56 of 2014 dated January 28, 2014 concerning the Environmental Permit for the activities of PT. Archipelago Citra Works.


“This is because PT KCN has not carried out its obligations in the administrative sanctions imposed by the government Number 12 of 2022 on March 14, 2022,” Asep told reporters, Monday (20/6/2022).


The imposition of this sanction is also based on Article 522 letter a of Government Regulation Number 22 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Environmental Protection and Management, Revocation of Business License as referred to in Article 508 paragraph (1) letter e is applied to the person in charge of Business and/or Activities who do not carry out their obligations. under government coercion.


Furthermore, as a follow-up to the revocation of PT KCN’s environmental permit, the Environmental Service will write to the Head of the Tanjung Priok Main Port Authority Office to take the necessary steps after the environmental permit is revoked in accordance with applicable regulations.


Head of the North Jakarta Environmental Agency, Achmad Hariadi said, in the decision to revoke the environmental permit, PT KCN was ordered to stop all loading and unloading activities.


“With the stipulation of this decree, the environmental permit for loading and unloading activities by PT Karya Citra Nusantara is declared invalid,” he concluded.