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Who We Are.

Bloom provides a comprehensive product portfolio for Indonesia’s energy sector.

With our expertise, products and service solutions, Bloom is ready to expand its presence in the Asia pacific region.

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Domestic Coal Demand is Projected to Increase Next Year


U.S. natural gas sinks, on track for worst month in three years


Medco Takes Part in Pursuing National Energy Mix Target


Seriously Addressing Climate Change, Jokowi Asks Mining and Palm Oil Companies to Prepare Seedbed Nursery Centers


Jokowi Challenges PLN to Change 5 thousand MW of Electricity from Coal into New Renewable Energy


A renewable energy company in Thailand has electric vehicle dreams


Our Business.

Bloom Coal.

With our own coal mining and distribution channels we are able to guarantee a solid supply chain and create long-term values for our customers by prioritizing their needs.

Bloom Petroleum.

We work with our customers to identify and develop successful solutions. As one of our strongholds, petroleum plays a vital role in providing essential petroleum products to the Indonesian energy market.

Our Hard
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